What is the American Dream?

So what is the American Dream? Mindsets or could it be be what Americans call the American Dream most black people want to dress or ride foreign although quality is much better than the US products but is the American Dream to have Polo, Gucci, Burberry or even a foreign whip? Sad part is it could never be the other way around white america dressing in a black clothing line or even imagining their children dressing like a rapper, why is it because white Americans would never be able to deliver the thought in their heads that their kids would make the choice to dress in that way, Im not saying that Burberry, Gucci are not good products by far they are excellent products and last sometimes a lifetime, but think about it who is the ones that embraces them the most, its hip-hop that’s the truth of it is that the  American Dream is not Black America or even Hip-Hop we need to push and support our own clothing lines network and support each other vision, just wearing these items or driving the cars that are foreign does not define success, so push your dreams to the limit its not impossible to start a clothing line black owned and operated the key is to network and put the great minds of each one of us together network network and network and lets support one another. “Food For Thought”


Reality TV vs Scripted Shows

Where the heck has scripted TV shows gone don’t get me wrong I love to watch the Reality TV Drama I mean Drama, but I miss my Actors and Actresses unfortunately big TV networks don’t sell it like they use to, the Reality Tv world that glorifies drugs, drama, and dysfunction when a real pitch that offer like a REV RUN show was a hell of a of a pitch and actually done very well. It lifted each other up although every household has it’s Problems but this one in particular uplifted ones and was an awesome model to follow and was very much encouraging Loved the show!! just a thought about reality TV yay for the ratings.        

The Medical Practice


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When we think of a Medical Practice or hear the word Medical Practice what comes to mind? Life itself is a practice even if you graduated from medical school will you know everything there is about a sick patient not hardly, thats why there the word practice on the end. You can never give up on life practice just as if you where in a study to being a top lawyer it would be a Law Practice and you can never say youre done with life it a life long journey and a long commitment to whatever you decide in life to do, so in doing so we never give up practicing life and will never know all there is to life or what it has to offer. Never give up on your intentions to succeed and will continue to see resilient result “THE MEDICAL PRACTICE IS A LIFE LONG PRACTICE” with ever lasting result we are in a life practice to succeed and thats a fact and food for thought!

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7 Steps to fueling your blog post.

1. Start a series… Getting traffic to your website. Constant content to your blog or website, saving money from home

2. Run a contest to get traffic to your website give something they want, list your products, contact companies for partnership to provide products they may give to you.

3. E Book Super Articles , report on topic they want to know about and ask for sign ups for your news letter.

4. Controversial, refrain from a cruel manner but never shy away from your opinion.

5. SEO search engine optimization, use the same key words every time people will become familiar with you and your blog :”same key words”

6. Video post are key to extra extra extra traffic 


Who said being an entrepreneur is going to be an easy task everyday is a struggle to get organized and structure our ideas in a platform thats make a lot of sense. We want to keep moving forward at all times and avoid any negative energy that comes with those obstacles. refusing to quit is a huge accomplishment when we are able to say I will not quit and keep it moving, each and everyone of has creativity within our inner-selves but what one chooses to say whether they quit or keep moving only lies within themselves. Lets not give up but keep moving forward!