What is the American Dream?

So what is the American Dream? Mindsets or could it be be what Americans call the American Dream most black people want to dress or ride foreign although quality is much better than the US products but is the American Dream to have Polo, Gucci, Burberry or even a foreign whip? Sad part is it could never be the other way around white america dressing in a black clothing line or even imagining their children dressing like a rapper, why is it because white Americans would never be able to deliver the thought in their heads that their kids would make the choice to dress in that way, Im not saying that Burberry, Gucci are not good products by far they are excellent products and last sometimes a lifetime, but think about it who is the ones that embraces them the most, its hip-hop that’s the truth of it is that the  American Dream is not Black America or even Hip-Hop we need to push and support our own clothing lines network and support each other vision, just wearing these items or driving the cars that are foreign does not define success, so push your dreams to the limit its not impossible to start a clothing line black owned and operated the key is to network and put the great minds of each one of us together network network and network and lets support one another. “Food For Thought”



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